Show Me Yours


The cone does nice work of putting it out there.

You know… like how when you you’re sporting fancy new skivvies, you oh so wish you didn’t have to hide them under a confining layer of pants at the office? This. The Fletch is your fantasy… hanging from the ceiling.


Bucky + Bulb

Who doesn’t like Buckyballs? This was too easy because who doesn’t live in a dome these days? With your Jet-Pack and a fridge full of Soylent? Life is pretty sweet here in the Post Apocalypse  21st Century.
Anyhoo, our Poly24 uses 60 of these things… “Nodes”. Which can be downloaded on aforementioned page and handled by either the Hal 9000 or any 3D printer.  So get busy or, if you can’t be bothered, drop a few clams, bitcoins, or whatever the going currency and we’ll ship you one.