Over Study


With a 6″ shade that can be partially covered with a colored poly pro or silk accent. This new linear LED light fixture comes also in a vertical variation in 18, 24 or 48″ lengths.


Show Me Yours


The cone does nice work of putting it out there.

You know… like how when you you’re sporting fancy new skivvies, you oh so wish you didn’t have to hide them under a confining layer of pants at the office? This. The Fletch is your fantasy… hanging from the ceiling.

Cleese… Fabric + Wood


Our hand turned walnut finished fixture is hung by a wood spindle and a brushed nickel accents which support a 16”x20”x12” silk verde fabric empire lamp shade, other size options are available. The overall height can be customized by ordering it with a longer nickel accent stem. We also offer wood fount stems available in several different finishes and wood turned shapes. Visit our site and view our online lighting catalog for a better understanding of how Seascape can help you on your next commercial or residential lighting project.